Safe and precise weighing with ICS426x, ICS466x and IND560x


In potentially explosive areas, safety is mandatory. Weighing in Zone 1/21 hazardous areas often asks for compromises on either accuracy or functionality to create this safety. Not anymore. Our new line of high-precision scales are easy to use and safe to operate. They help you implement more efficient workflows and integrate your equipment into automated processes in hazardous areas when necessary.

• Watch how our ICS426x and ICS466x category 2 #bench scales help you create precision weighing of raw materials or check filled containers faster with #colorWeight(r) functionality. An internal database, ability to integrate a barcode scanner and safe data-transfer to a PC are other functionalities that help increase the productivity of your processes.

• In combination with our IND560x weighing terminal, our high-precision PBK9 and PFK9 platform scales make filling gases or other bulk materials more efficient while helping to ensure operator safety. Our ACM500 communication module makes connecting these devices to PLCs easy as well.